Case Studies

Becky’s Story

Photograph of Becky

“I would highly recommend working with Rebecca.

A very intelligent talented lady with exceptional knowledge and understanding of how music therapy has a positive impact benefiting individual’s health and wellbeing.

It took a lot of one to one sessions with very small steps for me to be able to trust Rebecca allowing her in to my space. I was reserved and completely ignored Rebecca at first.

Slowly this subsided and I remember the first time I looked up and smiled at Rebecca whilst eventually playing the keyboard with her, allowing myself to listen and relate to the music we were creating together.

That moment and many moments since have helped me not only build my confidence and trust in Rebecca but most importantly within myself.

The exceptional work Rebecca put in to support me enabled me to progress. I wrote and performed my own songs, created music digitally and did multiple solo performances on stage to large audiences.

I really enjoyed playing the variety of instruments on offer especially the drum, which is my favourite.

I had always wanted to learn to play the electric guitar and Rebecca encouraged me to take this up as this was something I was passionate about. Rebecca showed me the basics, giving me a start in the right direction. I made steady progress and am really enjoying learning how to play the guitar.

I know this is not the end. I will continue moving forward on my own journey with music therapy always being at the heart of my recovery.”

My thanks go to Becky for allowing me to share her story.


Photo of Lena

Lena attends the Music and Memory group with her daughter in law Emily. Lena has Dementia, lives alone, and relies on the support of her family for meaningful activity and engagement. Emily is a carer for Lena, and having noticed the group advertised in her local church decided to encourage her to attend. Before the group started Lena had little interest in activities outside of the home, and was increasingly socially isolated. Neither of them were sure what to expect at the first session, however there were staff on hand to make them a cup of tea, talk them through the service, and offer support. 

Lena is of Italian origin, and when asked during the Music Therapy session what music she liked, she began singing ‘O Sole Mio’. Rebecca, the Music Therapist was able to listen to Lena’s rendition, and sensitively accompany her solo while the rest of the group listened intently. As Lena finished her song, the group applauded, and Lena smiled. She explored every instrument on the table during the session, experimenting with different rhythms and appearing pleased when Rebecca adapted the music to incorporate what Lena was playing.

Emily noticed Lena took a list of session dates home with her, and had written them all in her diary. Regularly between the sessions, Lena would ask when they were next going to the music session. She began to take more interest in her appearance, wearing nice clothes and make up to attend the group. When other family members visited, Lena would tell them all about the music sessions she was attending, and would regularly ask Emily if today was music day.

Due to attending the Music and Memory group, Lena has begun to build new relationships with others her own age living with memory issues. She has had the opportunity to share her Italian heritage and explore her interest in folk music . Lena is a lively, playful member of the group, often starting interactions with other group members and commenting on how much fun she is having. She now has regular opportunity to meet with people outside of her family who appreciate her for who she is, an experience which is not impaired by her condition. 

Music and Memory is currently suspended due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.