Becky’s Story

“I would highly recommend working with Rebecca.

A very intelligent talented lady with exceptional knowledge and understanding of how music therapy has a positive impact benefiting individual’s health and wellbeing.

It took a lot of one to one sessions with very small steps for me to be able to trust Rebecca allowing her in to my space. I was reserved and completely ignored Rebecca at first.

Slowly this subsided and I remember the first time I looked up and smiled at Rebecca whilst eventually playing the keyboard with her, allowing myself to listen and relate to the music we were creating together.

That moment and many moments since have helped me not only build my confidence and trust in Rebecca but most importantly within myself.

The exceptional work Rebecca put in to support me enabled me to progress. I wrote and performed my own songs, created music digitally and did multiple solo performances on stage to large audiences.

I really enjoyed playing the variety of instruments on offer especially the drum, which is my favourite.

I had always wanted to learn to play the electric guitar and Rebecca encouraged me to take this up as this was something I was passionate about. Rebecca showed me the basics, giving me a start in the right direction. I made steady progress and am really enjoying learning how to play the guitar.

I know this is not the end. I will continue moving forward on my own journey with music therapy always being at the heart of my recovery.”

My thanks go to Becky for allowing me to share her amazing story.